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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I went to the Blue Jays game yesterday and encountered a bunch of blogable material.

1)Chris Woodward: When the season started, the Jays promised Woodward that he'd be the every day shortstop of the Jays and that they were bringing in the wily veteran Mike Bordick as a backup to offer "guidance" and “support” to young Chris. Well whada ya know, 2 weeks after the all star break, Woodward’s out, Bordick’s their man. Weasels.

2)Jumbotron: Dov “spiffy” Fried, whom I went to the game with, had an interesting remark in the middle of the fourth inning. We were watching the jumbotron scan the audience and just marvelling at how people were making utter fools of themselves. I mean when people got on the tron they were just waving their bodies, shaking their hips, pumping fists in the air (there were even 2 men that looked about 90 and 100 years old respectively, making lewd gestures for crying out loud) etc. Dov turns around and says, “It’s amazing how excited people get to see themselves”. Nice one Dov.

3)Dumb Advertising: in the middle of the 8th a giveaway contest came up on the jumbotron offering a free bag of peanuts to a lucky fan sitting in seat whatever. Under the bag were the words “Freshness Guaranteed”. Freshness guaranteed? What product doesn’t have freshness guaranteed? I think the peanut company had a bad rap before by not being fresh and now the only way they can get people to eat the darn peanuts is by giving them away…

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Here's an email the sports lawyer just received moments ago. Let me know what you think at jordanfarkas@osgoode.yorku.ca

What do you think about the Korey Stringer lawsuit?
The suit seeks unspecified financial damages and asks the court to stop the NFL from forcing players to practice and play in high heat and humidity. It says NFL coaches, trainers and doctors subject players to potentially fatal conditions by forcing them to participate in practices while wearing improper clothing for such conditions.

From now on, practice will be in shorts and tank tops. Padding is for sissies anyway. (Of course if anybody gets injured we can sue later!). Why not just forget practice? Everybody should just "try their best". Don't worry, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

Stringer, a 335-pound Pro Bowl lineman who played at Ohio State, collapsed July 31, 2001. His body temperature was 108.8 degrees when he arrived at a hospital. He died 15 hours later.

335 pounds...maybe she should name some restaurants in the lawsuit...

Kelci Stringer earlier sued the Vikings and the team's training camp doctor, David Knowles. A Minnesota judge dismissed her claims against the team and she later settled with Knowles for an undisclosed sum. Her attorneys said at the time they planned to ask the state appeals court to reinstate the claims against the Vikings

Couldn't get any money from the Vikings so might as well go after the whole NFL. What if that case gets thrown out? She should sue all the fans for encouraging this behaviour...

A "deadly culture" led to his death.... didn't hear any complaining about the culture that was paying him millions of dollars to push around other big fat guys on the football field...

Now there's something to blog about... (just don't include any quotes with my name!)

ed. his name is David Smith, he lives on Bathurst street, drives a Buick and works for TD Bank

disclaimer to avoid lawsuits: The above reference to a name is meant in jest only. Any reference to an actual, living, human being on planet Earth with the same name, address, car, and job is purely coincidental (and I mean purely coincidental). If you still would like to sue for intellectual property infingment please speak to the Happy Hungarian who will gladly show you where to go.

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Roger Ebert

himself, the Happy Hungarian, for giving away the movie "Basic" after saying he wouldn't give away the plot. Saying who the good guys and bad guys will be at the end of the movie is giving away the movie genius.
In an unrelated comment, today's rant is about people who call up sports talk radio

and say "I'll hang up and listen to your comment". My question is, why do those people have to say that? When's the last time you had a conversation with someone and he said, "I've heard your comments and now I'm hanging up"? Are they worried that the host of the show will be too polite to hang up on them so they volunteer to hang up? Are they worried that they'll be hung up on and so they pre-empt by saying that they'll hang up? Please everyone, when you call sports radio (don't you have anything better to do with your time? er...wait a sec, look at me, I'm blogging during work) please just make your comment and converse like a normal human being.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Gut Voch! I have a prediciton for tonight: My esteemed Brother-in Law Robert Grunwald

has asked me to send him a link to my website. Once he gets a hold of this, he'll start his own website and the entire Toronto will have one of these. Blogger, I want a commission.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Being that the Happy Hungarian is the theme for the day (anybody that posts that many blogs in one hour is aksing for it), I will mention what a colleague and future business associate Dov Fried

says about the Happy Hungarian's posting regarding Kobe Bryant

It is not "inevitable" that when a girl goes up to an athlete's room that she will be raped, as the Happy Hungarian implies. Of course, they were not going up to "play twister or scrabble", but that doesn't mean that the accussed should have expected to be raped. Sex is not rape. One is a crime, the other is only a crime depending on how it's done (wink and gunpoint!).

Well it's now official. the happy Hungarian is overblogging.
Why does the media insist on jinxing sports athletes who are about to reach their milestone? Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays is looking for his 15th straight win, to tie a Blue Jay record. Until his 14th the media said nothing, afterwards, they start raving about the possibilities. What happens? Halladay goes out and throws a stinker (by his standards).
It happens all the time. Take Roger Clemens in his quest for 300 wins. It took him about 7 starts or something to win one game.
My advice is for the media to shut up until it happens then rave, then maybe we'll see some more records broken...

ps -if you're all thinking about Barry Bonds who had a media circus before he broke the Home Run record that's different, he pays absolutely NO attention to the media whereas other athletes do take a little interest in what the media has to say...

Thursday, July 24, 2003

How do you spell "you're a loser"...that blog was for fried
I am proud to announce that at the ripe old age of 3 and a half months, my son, Eitan, has just managed to roll over. it was a struggle, but he persevered. i think we have a budding athlete in the making!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

OK what's the deal with drivers who switch lanes in front of you and then go 35 kilometeres (I'm from Canada eh) an hour?! Geez they're so annoying...which reminds me,who out there thinks car racing is not a sport? what's that marigold? (if you got that joke you watched too much tv as a youngster...if you're still watching that show i.e. the Polka dot door [were you one of those who always missed polkaroo? I know I was] then see www.thehappyhungarian.com

who can relate. where was I? oh yes car racing. well,i think it's a sport. think about it, the precision in turning curves,power steering,manouvering, etc.
Anybody who cares to debate it can email me at jordanfarkas@osgoode.yorku.ca

Anyhew I'm afraid that's all we have time for
this has been Jordan Farkas saying so long from the hockey capital of the world Toronto.
So begins my public journey into the world of sports law

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